new music, new reviews

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hello all!  yes, yes, i’ve got new music coming out…you can hear some of it at  AND Curve magazine did a great review of Wine and Cigarettes!!  soooo excited!  right now i’m watching the world’s worst movie, Night at the Museum 2.  I’m assuming Night at the Museum 1 sucked just as bad.  but hey, everyone has an opinion.  i’m going to a boxing (no contact) class tonight at the gym.  haven’t been to the gym since january.  okay, maybe not since 2009.  but we’ll see how it goes.  maybe i’ll try out some moves on husband tonight!  xoxo -Suse.


new album coming!

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i know i just released “Wine and Cigarettes” and “B-sides and Seasides”, BUT i can’t stop writing so in about a year you’ll hear “Both Sides”, a very upbeat album with totally new material.  i start mixing on Tuesday.  What??!!  love you guys – Suse.

New website:

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So, I don’t know how many of you have checked this out, but my right hand man Steven has introduced me to this site called  I can show you my studio right from my webcam!  So I’ll be holding a live concert/behind the music session on December 19th at 9:00 pm.  It’s a Saturday night, so grab a cup of cocoa and curl up in front of your laptop to watch and have some fun with me!  It’s going to be a long Monday, but a vacation is around the corner.  Woo hoo!



Online Live Concert Date – December 19th

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Hey all!  So my intern, Steven, and I have found this fantastic website called that will allow me to have a concert for you all to watch right in your living rooms!  I will be performing in my studio at home so it will be like an intimate little show for even the under 21 crowd. 

Don’t forget, I’m playing Freddy’s Back Room in Brooklyn on Dean Street on December 12th, at 9:00 pm.  Over 21 crowd though.  Sorry kids!

I’m still working on getting my music out there as much as possible.  I may be background music for a few podcasts for  I LOVED Buffy the Vampire Slayer in my 20s.  So much fun!

So I’ll be in touch soon.  Thanks for reading!

xoxo -Suse.

Oh my gosh, been away too long!

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Hello all!  I’ve missed you in between shows.  But lots have been going on since then!  I’m playing Freddy’s Back Room on December 12th – Saturday night at 9.  What better time slot than that?  And what better time to come out and check out my new solo show?  Got a new keyboard friend.  We’re getting to know each other very well.  Need a name for her.  But she’s definitely a girl.  She’s a cutie.  Let’s see how she likes the stage.

Waiting to see how the review in Curve turns out.  But I’ve been reviewed on all sorts of places so I’m excited about that. 

Just came back from Atlanta, GA to visit my old musical soulmate Sara Brenner.  We had a blast, talking music, life, and especially love.  And it’s the hometown of my favorite Butch Walker!  I actually saw Ponce de Leon, which is a song from his Sycamore Meadows album, which you should DEFINITELY check out if you get a chance on iTunes. 

I’m looking forward to seeing you all again soon.  A big shout out to John Mayer’s new album, Battle Studies.  It’s only on Rhapsody right now, but I can’t wait to get that bad boy on my iPod.  Good stuff there.

I’ve been working on my next solo project called “Both Ways.”  Not going to reveal too much, but if you’re thinking about the title the way I think you are, yep — you’re right.



Album is on iTunes!

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Hello all! Sorry I’ve been away for awhile. Getting ready for my trip to Cali, can’t wait! I’ll still keep in touch while I’m there, no worries. You can get my album on iTunes:

it’s been awhile….

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hey all! sorry it’s been awhile! i’ve been in sunny california soaking up the rays. but good news! the album is ready for mastering! dave, diana and i have it all wrapped up. track list is set, and we may still make our may 1st release date. oh my god, i can’t wait for everyone to hear it all. i put everything i’ve got into these two albums (wine and cigarettes and b-sides and seasides). i hope you get everything out of them.