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shame on me!

Posted in Uncategorized on December 22, 2008 by Susan Elizabeth D'Auria

sorry i haven’t written in so long!  it’s been a few crazy days, but we’ve got a new song, “i really don’t” (not to be confused with my old paige23 song “really”), all ready for ya.  i’ll get it up on myspace very soon.  the holidays take a lot out of ya, so forgive my short absence.  i have to put up alanis morrisette’s lyrics to “21 things i want in a lover.”  i think they’re just so hilarious.  just sharing with ya’ll.  talk to you before christmas


“21 Things I Want In A Lover”

Do you derive joy when someone else succeeds?
Do you not play dirty when engaged in competition?
Do you have a big intellectual capacity but know
That it alone does not equate wisdom?
Do you see everything as an illusion?
But enjoy it even though you are not of it?
Are you both masculine and feminine? politically aware?
And don’t believe in capital punishment?

These are 21 things that I want in a lover
Not necessarily needs but qualities that I prefer

Do you derive joy from diving in and seeing that
Loving someone can actually feel like freedom? are you funny?
self-deprecating? like adventure? and have many formed opinions?

These are 21 things that I want in a lover
Not necessarily needs but qualities that I prefer
I figure I can describe it since I have a choice in the matter
These are 21 things I choose to choose in a lover

I’m in no hurry I could wait forever
I’m in no rush cuz I like being solo
There are no worries and certainly no pressure in the meantime
I’ll live like there’s no tomorrow

Are you uninhibited in bed? more than three times a week?
Up for being experimental? are you athletic?
Are you thriving in a job that helps your brother? are you not addicted?
…curious and communicative…


all comes down

Posted in Uncategorized on December 13, 2008 by Susan Elizabeth D'Auria

so what it all comes down to is that this is really happening and i’m so excited. i’m looking into postcards, logos, tons of fun. dave just sent me some rough mixes, two of which i put up on myspace…’reinventing sara’ and ‘all comes down’. very pretty songs, but get some kleenex. anyways, i’m uploading another video blog (i’m addicted to my webcam), so check that out on my facebook when you get the chance. my website is almost done…woo hoo! see you all soon…hopefully on january 17th!


album update 12-12-08

Posted in Uncategorized on December 12, 2008 by Susan Elizabeth D'Auria

i’ve got a video message waiting for everyone…

friend me on facebook if you’d like…


A show!!

Posted in Uncategorized on December 11, 2008 by Susan Elizabeth D'Auria

So I’m playing my first show in like 2 years! So excited! January 17th at 7 (I think it’s 7 pm). It’s a $7 cover charge. Awesomeness! Hopefully you all can make it! See you then!


Posted in Uncategorized on December 10, 2008 by Susan Elizabeth D'Auria

So last night I worked on a song called “Muse” that’s appearing on Wine and Cigarettes. I wrote this song for a musical I worked on and wrote with some friends back in like 2002. Jeez! Here is a snippet of the lyrics (not sure if they’re in the right order…)

I thought I’d write this down so you could see
How all the words could never say what you mean to me
And you’re the reason I forget to breathe
So when you read this would you say nothing unkind
For my heart, my soul, are here for you to find
And you’re why I’ve been driven out of my mind

I will never disappoint you, I will never turn away
I’ll come always to your rescue, though it’s needless to say
Cause it’s written on my sleeve, and I’ve nothing here to lose
But the beautiful you as my muse

Do you care at all or is this in vain?
Do the words affect you or are you the same?
Cause you’re the reason I’ve begun to change.

Do I have a chance or am I a fool
to let love let me believe that you’d love me too?
And make me the reason there’s a light in you

My words are alive in how you react
Once I’ve written them down, you know I won’t take them back
When you read them all just be totally sure that
You’re ready to see me like you’ve never seen me before

You can check out my new website as it develops at

See you soon!

Ok, so I lied…

Posted in Uncategorized on December 9, 2008 by Susan Elizabeth D'Auria

ok, so the new song is called “I Think of You.” We didn’t get a chance to mix “Reinventing Sara” (sorry Sara!), but it’s coming! “I Think of You” came out beautiful! Thanks Dave!

I worked on “Camera” and “Listening” last night. Took me awhile to get the takes right, but they’re all ready. I have studio time booked for Friday night, so maybe I’ll have something cool done for Saturday morning.


tonight, tonight!

Posted in Uncategorized on December 5, 2008 by Susan Elizabeth D'Auria

so tonight i’m going into dave’s studio to work on “reinventing sara.”  this song is about my friend sara who is one of my musical soulmates.  she wanted me to quit my job about 4 years ago and go on the road with her.  she quit her job, but i didn’t quit mine.  so the first line of the song: “one day you woke up wanting more when i wanted less” is all about that experience.  i couldn’t afford to go on the road at that time.  i can’t afford it now either, but i couldn’t commit to it all back then.  then she decided to move to boston and become a lawyer.  our music career is finished: “maybe i should have known this empty feeling after you’d go”, but i love her still.  i see her every now and again (she lives in L.A. near my brother), but it’ll never be the same.  love you sara.  for the rest of my music playing days.