tonight, tonight!

so tonight i’m going into dave’s studio to work on “reinventing sara.”  this song is about my friend sara who is one of my musical soulmates.  she wanted me to quit my job about 4 years ago and go on the road with her.  she quit her job, but i didn’t quit mine.  so the first line of the song: “one day you woke up wanting more when i wanted less” is all about that experience.  i couldn’t afford to go on the road at that time.  i can’t afford it now either, but i couldn’t commit to it all back then.  then she decided to move to boston and become a lawyer.  our music career is finished: “maybe i should have known this empty feeling after you’d go”, but i love her still.  i see her every now and again (she lives in L.A. near my brother), but it’ll never be the same.  love you sara.  for the rest of my music playing days.

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