So last night I worked on a song called “Muse” that’s appearing on Wine and Cigarettes. I wrote this song for a musical I worked on and wrote with some friends back in like 2002. Jeez! Here is a snippet of the lyrics (not sure if they’re in the right order…)

I thought I’d write this down so you could see
How all the words could never say what you mean to me
And you’re the reason I forget to breathe
So when you read this would you say nothing unkind
For my heart, my soul, are here for you to find
And you’re why I’ve been driven out of my mind

I will never disappoint you, I will never turn away
I’ll come always to your rescue, though it’s needless to say
Cause it’s written on my sleeve, and I’ve nothing here to lose
But the beautiful you as my muse

Do you care at all or is this in vain?
Do the words affect you or are you the same?
Cause you’re the reason I’ve begun to change.

Do I have a chance or am I a fool
to let love let me believe that you’d love me too?
And make me the reason there’s a light in you

My words are alive in how you react
Once I’ve written them down, you know I won’t take them back
When you read them all just be totally sure that
You’re ready to see me like you’ve never seen me before

You can check out my new website as it develops at

See you soon!

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