Oh my gosh, been away too long!

Hello all!  I’ve missed you in between shows.  But lots have been going on since then!  I’m playing Freddy’s Back Room on December 12th – Saturday night at 9.  What better time slot than that?  And what better time to come out and check out my new solo show?  Got a new keyboard friend.  We’re getting to know each other very well.  Need a name for her.  But she’s definitely a girl.  She’s a cutie.  Let’s see how she likes the stage.

Waiting to see how the review in Curve turns out.  But I’ve been reviewed on all sorts of places so I’m excited about that. 

Just came back from Atlanta, GA to visit my old musical soulmate Sara Brenner.  We had a blast, talking music, life, and especially love.  And it’s the hometown of my favorite Butch Walker!  I actually saw Ponce de Leon, which is a song from his Sycamore Meadows album, which you should DEFINITELY check out if you get a chance on iTunes. 

I’m looking forward to seeing you all again soon.  A big shout out to John Mayer’s new album, Battle Studies.  It’s only on Rhapsody right now, but I can’t wait to get that bad boy on my iPod.  Good stuff there.

I’ve been working on my next solo project called “Both Ways.”  Not going to reveal too much, but if you’re thinking about the title the way I think you are, yep — you’re right.




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